In these times unconventional and creative thinking can make a whole lot of difference !

This Virtual Tour below has been edited with a link to the webshop of the client … 1 click and you are in the webshop with the products you see and experience during the Virtural Tour !

So if your clients can´t visit you then why not make it possible for them to visit your store/business by using Virtual Reality technology and creative thinking ! It may take time to beat the Covid virus, but its right now that you got to act to get back in business and stop the bleeding financially etc. BEATCOVID now i am sure will make that difference and play an important part in getting your business back on its feet.

This is a demo version of a client ordering af complete Virtual Reality Tour and the finished version will be showing all of the sales staff in the shop at different “selling points” and each holding either an offer, a discount code etc. Next level of this new technology is to implement the possibility of adding links to your webshop products while touring your shop or business !

If you want to know more and pricing then give me a call at +45 51 199 199 … its not that expensive but its genious !